Your CAMHS service needs you!!

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Here at CWP your views are important to us :-)

We are interested to hear about your experiences of setting and working toward goals and if this was useful to you and your family/carers in your therapy sessions.  

If you remember setting goals with your CAMHS worker please complete one of the feeback forms. You can down load these by clicking on one of the links below.

Parent carer

Young People

Easy Read

You can get your completed response to us by:

1. Emailing your form to  (this is a “no reply” email address)

2. Handing it to your CAMHS  worker

3. Posting it to: Christopher Byrne
                           Wirral CAMHS Wallasey Locality,
                           Victoria Central Health Centre,
                           Mill Lane,
                           CH44 5UF


So what will we do with the information?

We will collect the information together and this will tell us if setting goals has helped you to make the most of your time with CAMHS.

Please be as honest as possible. You can submit your feedback anonymously. 



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