Young Persons Interview Panel: Do’s and Don’ts!

After being present at 15 interviews now, we’ve compiled a list of things that we’ve noticed that have worked well and not so well in an interview based setting.


  • be cheerful!
  • have confidence in your answers, we definitely believe that honesty is key!
  • be prepared for the young persons panel
  • be prepared to expect the unexpected
  • try to have questions to ask us


  • laugh inappropriately at potentially personal experiences to the young people
  • don’t have anything to talk about – our voice is just as important!
  • give short answers
  • try not to abbreviate – no ‘CBT’ or ‘CYP IAPT’
  • it is ok to use personal experiences to show you are human BUT people only take about something that is relevant and appropriate for the occasion

All in all, try and maintain a positive attitude throughout the process as it really helps to show enthusiasm and passion to the interview panel, this ensures the best experience for everyone involved and differentiates the higher quality candidates from the lesser ones.

 Callum and Millie – Young People Involvement Representatives


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