Who would be in your team of life?

Liverpool Football Club gave 3 cheers to a group of peer mentors when they were presented with a Princess Diana Volunteer Award for their work on The Wirral Team of Life an exciting project led by Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Have a think about who is in your Team of Life!

  • Who would be your striker – the person who helps you ‘score’ your goals and achieve your dreams?

  • Who would you make your coach – the person who picks you up when you’re down and gives you words of encouragement?

  • Who is your goal keeper – the one who protects what is precious to you?

  • What goals have you achieved recently? How did you celebrate?

  • Who would be cheering you on from the stands when you score a goal like facing a fear, walking away from a fight?


The Team of Life involves playing sport and joining in group activities which help you think about how you can make your team stronger.

The Team of Life can boost your confidence in your ability to ‘score’ the goals which matter to you and learn the skills you need to tackle obstacles to achieving your goals.


Here are some of the things which young people who have taken part so far have said about the Team of Life . . .

“I’ve learnt that I can do it, I’ve already started believing, I can do all of it if I put my heart to it”

“I have learned how to ask for help”

“Others have similar difficulties with anger, I hadn’t realised”

“I am proud of the friends I’ve met,  they’re amazing and supportive”


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