What is a problem?? Adcote Education Unit’s primary group found out…

Last term the “Primary group” had the opportunity to work on an eight-week problem- solving course. The children explored ‘what is a problem?’ and worked on the four different stages of solving a problem.

  1. STOP – take your time and think about what is the problem.
  2. SAY – talk about the problem using helpful thoughts and words
  3. SEARCH – for different solutions to the problem
  4. SOLVE -  try different solutions out !

Different problems the primary group attempted to solve included:

  • How  to share a bar of chocolate fairly
  • Building a tower with marshmallows and spaghetti
  • Watching DVD clips

With the start of spring the Primary group are looking forward to using the greenhouse facilities within our grounds.  We have bought a selection of gardening tools and are sure the Primary children will enjoy planting and caring for a variety of seeds…. and hopefully have something to taste at the end too!

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