What’s new this term?

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A new school year always brings lots of exciting changes and it’s just the same at the Adcote Health Education Unit Wirral.

This term we have our usual mix of activities, plus a fresh focus on helping young people to develop their self-esteem.

So what is self-esteem, well the ‘self’ part of self-esteem lets you know that it is about you and the ‘esteem’ part is how much you like something; so together it’s about how much you like you. Self-esteem isn’t about showing off, instead it’s about knowing on the inside that you are special, and you are! It’s about how you see and value yourself and how you feel about your achievements.

All young people deserve to have good self-esteem and these new activities will give everyone taking part chance to learn how.

Our ‘self esteem’ group for young people starts in November.

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