We need your help…….

We want to develop some new leaflets that tell you all about CAMHS and what we do

We think that it is important that we give you as much information about CAMHS as possible and in a way that you understand.  We also think that you are the best people to tell us how to do this.  Would you like to work with us to design our new leaflets?

If you are interested in helping us and would like to meet up with other children and young people to work on this new project, why not take up the “GET INVOLVED CHALLENGE” . You can get involved even if you have not come to CAMHS before, your views still count and you can still help us. Just get in touch by requesting a call back through the website and then Claire or Stephanie, our East and West Cheshire Participation Workers, will  give you or your parents/carers a call .

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