We Came, We Saw, We LAUNCHED!

Ribbon being cut by golden scissors

On 10th October 2011, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust launched our Mymind website as part of our World Mental Health Day Celebrations.  We, as the Mymindfeed Twitter team, were delighted to be released from our day jobs, (yes, we DO have day jobs) to attend the event as roving reporters for the day.  We therefore ditched our spreadsheets and headed towards Crewe Alex Football Stadium.  The event was well organised and included around 25 stalls.  These included some from our CAMHS teams plus young people’s Drug and Alcohol workers, Early Intervention, Equality and Diversity, representatives from organisations like Visyon and Richmond Fellowship and a big Challenging Stigma display which was very thought-provoking.  We learned so much about what’s available for children and young people from both within our Trust and in the wider community.  We were equally impressed by the passion and dedication of everyone presenting.  And that was before the event even began!

Throughout the day we got to meet a number of attendees, including Head Teachers, Children’s Trust representatives and Parent Partnership workers, all keen to know more about services for children and young people.  It was a great opportunity to officially launch and showcase the Mymind site.  We can honestly say that everyone who viewed the site was impressed, so much so, that we practically floated out of the event from being puffed up with pride!  We also revealed the new bonus ending of our Mindfulness animation as part of a continuous display of our animations.  We are pretty sure that many people who attended the event would leave the venue humming one of the tunes from our animations.  We certainly were!

All in all, we learned a lot and it all felt really worthwhile.  It felt like Team CWP had a few extra members for the day, which made for a great atmosphere.  This is certainly one Worldwide Mental Health Day that we won’t forget.

Thanks again to everyone involved and well done!

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