Update on the new Learning Disability CAMHS Pages for Mymind.org.uk

The mymind team have joined forces with the 3 Learning Disability  (LD) CAMHS teams across the trust to begin developing specific pages aimed at families of children who may access our LD CAMHS teams.

The first stage of the process is now complete.  A survey was created to find out what information families would like to see on the pages.  This was sent out in paper form and a survey monkey was created for families to complete on-line too.  The survey included questions about content for the pages and whether they would access mymind.org.uk if they knew LD CAMHS pages existed.  The pages will include

  • why learning disability CAMHS is part of CAMHS
  • information about each of the LD CAMHS team in Wirral, Cheshire West and Chester, and Cheshire East.
  • an explanation about what to expect from LD CAMHS
  • information about the journey through CAMHS including some of the assessments that we may complete.
  • other useful information and helpful links.

Following this feedback we are now busy writing the first drafts of the pages.  It is important to us that the pages are as user friendly as possible.  The pages will be colour coded for each locality team and there will be easy read versions of all of the LD CAMHS pages too.  We will be seeking feedback from families at each stage of the process to ensure these pages provide helpful information about a child’s journey through LD CAMHS.

We will update you again when the next stage is complete.

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