‘The five stages of grief’ Amy’s first blog #mymindmystory

Developing a mental illness can, in some cases, be like losing the life you’re used to living. For me, it changed every aspect of my life; from socialising to school, it all became different. I found that developing a mental illness can be represented by the 5 stages of grief.

Denial and Isolation

At first, it doesn’t seem real. You never think that something like this could happen to you. During this stage you push away everyone close to you, they see you have a problem, but you don’t. This stage can be the most difficult because you haven’t accepted you have a problem yet, so you refuse any help.


This one can almost be a side effect of the first stage. People push you to get help, but you don’t see that you need to. Eventually all their effort to help you begin to get on your nerves and anger you. This stage is dangerous because it ends up with you pushing away everyone who cares about you even more.


By this stage, you have accepted that you have a problem, however you don’t want to face it yet. You become slightly manipulative, which isn’t your fault, it’s just what happens. “I’ll go out, if you don’t pester me for a day.” Or “I’ll try to get better if you leave me alone.” You try to get people off your back.


Everything starts getting the best of you, and you can only see negatives.  You’re almost at breaking point, maybe you think you’ve already reached it, your almost ready to get help, but you need the people around you to encourage you to and find motivation for you, because you may have lost your own motivation.


You’ve finally realised you need help. This is the stage when you turn to somebody for support, whether it be family, friends or mental health services such as CAHMS. We all get to this stage eventually; it just takes longer for some people. Don’t feel down if you’re not here yet, it’ll happen soon.


I created this blog post to try to explain to people how mental illnesses often graduate in, hopefully, an easy to understand, broken down format.  Please take this information and maybe use it to help yourself or someone you know understand what’s happening to them and to help them get to that final stage of acceptance.


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