The Big Life Series!

Wirral Early Intervention, The Open Door Centre and Wirral CAMHS have collaborated to produce psycho-educational film. The film was developed, produced and scripted by young people who have at some point in their lives accessed support from services. The film is based on the Stress Vulnerability Model and service-user experiences.

So far we have had 10 sessions, attended by professional representatives, young people, (Liverpool Edge Hill) local student animators and a film designer (from Freak Beat Films) who have shaped the content and design of the film. The film aims to educate young people and professionals about Depression, Anxiety and Psychosis within the stress vulnerability model.



Filming began in February across the Wallasey area. Our young people decided that they wanted to relay the model through the story of three characters. The film will explore the stresses that young people may typically face during adolescence and some commonreactions to stresses, and provide practical strategies to manage these stresses.

Our collaborative aims are to show the film during school training sessions across Wirral Secondary Schools and Sixth form colleges. The film will hopefully provide a young person’s perspective on the experience and management of Mental Health difficulties.

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