Team of life project

Wirral Team of Life, an innovative project led by Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, recently featured in the Wirral Globe following a presentation of the prestigious Princess Diana Volunteer Award to a group of peer mentors who were praised by Liverpool Football Club for their work and contribution to the project.

The Team of Life uses sport as a metaphor to raise awareness amongst young people of their achievements, skills and the relationships they value.  Delivered to groups of young people in workshop form alongside sporting activities, the approach aims to help young people develop their awareness of the skills, qualities and sources of support they have in their ‘team of life’ to support them in ‘scoring’ their life goals and overcoming obstacles.

Wirral CAMHS Clinical Psychologist Dr Vicky Eames, working in collaboration with staff and peer mentors from The Mosslands School, Liverpool Football Club Community Coaches and Wirral Healthy Schools, adapted and delivered The Team of Life to a group of Year 7 students at Mosslands School.  The approach has since been delivered to a mixed age group from Wirral Hospital School, Joseph Paxton Campus.

Educational professionals who have worked alongside CAMHS on the project have expressed a hope to see the intervention repeated with another group of young people in the near future. Evaluation of the intervention demonstrated improvements in goal related outcomes, reports of confidence in social interaction and use of sources of support.  The Team of Life approach was presented at the European Conference on Emotional Wellbeing in Educational Settings at Cambridge University last year

David Denborough from the renowned Dulwich Centre in Adelaide who originated the approach and uses it internationally will be visiting Wirral in September 2012 to share ideas and practice in relation to the Team of Life.

It is hoped that the approach will be developed into a resource which can be used with individuals and groups of young people and there is scope for further use of the approach in partnership with schools and community services.

The Team of Life will also be the subject of a presentation at the CAMHS World Mental Health Day Event on 10th October 2012.

Please contact Vicky Eames on 0151 643 9802 for more information.

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