Team Building and Stress Busting at Wirral Youth Voice Conference 2014

The Wirral Youth Voice Conference is an annual event organised by Wirral Council. This year’s event took place on Thursday October 16th 2014 at Wallasey Town Hall, Wirral. The conference gives an opportunity for young people of secondary school age to discuss issues relevant to young people on Wirral. Young people identified ‘emotional wellbeing and mental health’ as the theme for this year’s event.

 The day included a selection of workshops and performance pieces by Creative Youth Development and Inclusion Dance looking at the key issues for young people today, and a panel discussion on the main themes that emerged. Workshops focused on issues including isolation, dealing with loss and change, relationships, homophobia and health issues like autism, ADHD and the effects of stress.

In the afternoon the delegates took part in a ‘stress-busting’ workshop inspired by the Team of Life, an approach to resilience that uses sporting metaphors to help young people develop their support network and skills for tackling problems and avoiding obstacles to achieving their goals.

Groups of young people from schools across Wirral were invited to think about their lives as though they were part of a team in sport. After thinking about some of the key roles found in sport the delegates identified whom from among their support networks they could think of as taking these roles in their lives – ‘who are your ‘defenders’ in life, who are your ‘coaches’ etc. The activity aims to build awareness of the sources of support available to young people. Following this the delegates brainstormed their ideas for tackling some of the obstacles young people face.

Please share these Tips for Team Building and Stress Busting documents with other young people from Wirral. The hope in sharing these documents is to build a sense of connection and support for young people across Wirral. For more information on the Team of Life resilience programme contact


From Young People at the Wirral Youth Voice Conference 2014 

          A Youth Voice Conference Team Sheet

  •  We think our best ‘defenders’ are friends, family and teachers, “someone close to you”. Group leaders, doctors, fire fighters and foster carers also make great defenders.
  • Also helping to keep us safe are the ‘goalkeepers’ in our lives including parents, police, social services, youth workers and Response.
  • Head teachers are great ‘managers’, while dinner ladies/men, teachers, police and parents often play the role of ‘referee’ in our lives.
  • Form tutors, head girls and head boys are like our ‘captains’ and mentors and teaching assistants can be fantastic life ‘trainers’.
  • Receptionists and caretakers are like the ‘stewards’ in our lives and school nurses are our team ‘first aiders’.
  • The school governors and the local authority are like our ‘sponsors’ and our parents and the community are like the ‘audience’ in our lives.


Here are some ideas we had for tackling problems, you will have lots more and don’t forget there is a team around all of us who can help!

Make a life plan

Express yourself

Do something creative

Speak to people about it

Think of an end goal

Eat healthy and exercise

Think of the bigger picture

Sleep more

Drink water

Say no to peer pressure

Speak to a mentor

Talk to parents

Support from peers

Teacher support

Make school work a priority

Hard work

 Save up

Don’t get involved in the wrong crowd

No prejudice!

Use support networks

Go to Response

Use the Brook Advisory Clinic

 For more information on support available to young people on Wirral visit and

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