Resources for professionals working with young people

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s (CWP) Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) is continually working collaboratively with young people and partner agencies to develop mental health resources for both professionals and young people alike.

Next Step

family-focused-next-step… is a unique resource, created by CWP to facilitate the use of Goal Based Outcomes (GBO’s) within the field of Child and Adolescent Mental Health.  The resource is aimed at professionals involved in promoting the mental health and well-being of children and young people, whether within a healthcare, education or other relevant setting.  We are currently developing a digital version of Next Step which will launch later in 2016.



Team of Life is: 

  • A fun and interactive group based intervention
  • Bringing children and young people together in teams
  • Identifying the ‘team-mates’ who make up the key support people in children and young people’s lives
  • Highlighting skills for ‘tackling problems’, ‘avoiding obstacles’ and ‘scoring goals’ in life
  • Sharing and celebrating stories of achievement, hope and survival
  • Strengths based; does not require young people to directly discuss problems or trauma

The resource has been collaboratively created by CWP and is a narrative approach.  The resource will be available to purchase from the Dulwich Centre Foundation in Australia.


4D Toolkit

… is a fantastic new resource developed to support young people currently or previously involved in CWP CAMHS’  Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills programme, or receiving DBT treatment from CWP CAMHS.  Designed with young people for young people, the toolkit contains 20 visual prompt cards that act as ongoing reminders of the programme’s core learning outcomes. Each card links to a page in this section of the MyMind website.


… is a series of practical online resources that were developed to support families and professionals in encouraging good sleeping habits amongst children.  The resource includes a sleep guide,  sleep diary, visual time tables and social stories .

The resource also links into our Chillax podcast and help sheet, which is aimed at teenagers who are experiencing sleep difficulties.

In addition to these resources, Mymind has a great selection of guided self-help leaflets, resources and podcast that can be downloaded from ‘The Box’ or ‘The Box +‘, we have our own YouTube Channel and store within I-tunes.

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