Putting the ‘Value’ in ‘Value for Money’

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust operates under a set of overarching, core values of “Care, Well-being and Partnership”.  All employees strive to adhere to these three core values as we perform our duties.  We thought it would be a good idea to get CAMHS staff together to examine our organisation’s values more closely in relation to how we practice and how we operate using our own internal values.  As a result, we held a number of workshops last year with the help of Deadcatdreaming, the graphic facilitation people who helped us create Mymind.  These workshops provided CAMHS staff with the space and opportunity to evaluate how we currently work with children, young people and families and think together about how we can build on participation work already undertaken.  We wondered how we could take this forward at a time when all public services are expected to continue to improve quality of service provision, during a time of great challenges.  Top of the list is always the provision of safe and effective services but we must also provide value for money.

To explain a bit more about the workshops, we’ll hand you over to Shirley Guthrie, business information officer for CAMHS, who was present at one of the half day events……

“I was privileged to attend one of the CAMHS Valuing Values half day workshops last year.  Just before the workshop got underway, I was struck by how quiet the room was, with many of my colleagues emailing their offices via their BlackBerry or their laptop; a common sight at many Trust venues, as we try to multi-task and make the most of every spare moment of our working day.  Body language reflected this approach, with quite a few of us hunched over our various bits of technology.  However, once the session commenced, technology was put aside, and we moved to “old school” methods such as paper, pens and images.  Discussion started to flow and very soon, something a bit magical happened.  I watched as my colleagues visibly relaxed; shoulders came down, posture opened up and the noise level in the room increased ten-fold!  Having supported clinical staff in CAMHS for 13 years, I’ve almost come to take for granted how passionate and dedicated my clinical colleagues are, but to see the fruits of these discussion also take tangible form in artwork, (as facilitated by the extremely talented Gary from Deadcatdreaming) and generate some fantastic and innovative ideas for supporting our service users and families and building on partnerships with local agencies, was heartwarming.  Each workshop generated an original piece of artwork for display in our localities, a host of ideas for quality improvement and enhanced service user participation and, best of all, consolidated our belief in our worth as a service and as individuals.  Thank you Deadcatdreaming for helping us to unpack our practice in such an innovative way and hopefully help us to put the ‘Value’ in to ‘Value for Money’!”

We are  now proudly displaying the artwork generated by these workshops at a number of our sites across the Trust footprint.  We also combined all of the thoughts and ideas generated from all of the workshops and delivered it as a presentation to the attendees at our World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2012.  We now have pleasure in releasing a final report on the workshops below.  We hope you enjoy reading it, as much as we enjoyed taking part.

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