What services do CAMHS offer?

At CAMHS we offer a range of treatments and therapeutic practices; the package of support that we provide a child or young person will be tailored to their individual needs.  Any intervention follows detailed assessment and will be agreed and planned with the child and their family/carers.

We find that talking, listening and thinking about things that might help, is all that most children that visit CAMHS need; though some may also need medication to help them feel better.  We also provide inpatient services for those young people requiring an intensive course of treatment and support.  A Psychiatrist would always be involved when a decision is made to give medicine or suggest a stay at hospital.  When we suggest a certain treatment or therapeutic practice, we will always explain what it involves, why we think it will help and the choices available to the child and their family/carers.

To find out more about our specialist inpatient units for 13-18 year olds visit….

Inpatient support for younger children is provided through Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, and it would be arranged for them by their local mental health team.

To better understand the services CAMHS offer from a child or young person’s perspective, please check out the 5-12 and 13-19 sections of this site.  These are some pages you might find particularly useful:

Getting help from CAMHS includes where a service user might visit us and who might attend, the different people that work here, how we can help and keep in touch.

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Staying at hospital talks about reasons, choices and working in partnership.

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Confidentiality explains a child’s rights to confidentiality, and the 13-19 section also explains how their rights change when they turn 16.

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The BOX includes tips on looking after your mental health.

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What’s new includes regular updates about CAMHS.

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Also, for details of CAMHS where you are, or our specialised services, please visit ‘About Us’.

You will find many web pages on the Internet that provide specific information about Talking Therapies, here is a useful one to start:

talking therapies explained link

The website of the Mental Health Foundation outlines the charity’s work in research, policy, service development and service user involvement. The site offers information and publications to download on research, good practice in services and on mental health problems and key issues.