If you have concerns about a child’s mental health and emotional well-being, getting a second opinion can help you to understand whether the child might need specialist support.  Speaking to the child’s doctor, school nurse or social worker is a good place to start; they will ask you about the concerns you have and they can advise on what sort of help is needed.  If they think CAMHS is the right service to support the child, they will arrange a written referral.

When we receive a referral, we will contact the family with the details of their first appointment; (though at the age of 16 a young person has a legal right to access our services independently and confidentially; and in rare situations, this may also be possible for under 16’s).   If it’s agreed, following the first appointment, that CAMHS is the right service to support the child; we may contact you, should we feel we need more information to inform our assessment of the child’s needs.

CAMHS is not an emergency service; if you need to get help urgently then contact must be made with the child’s doctor’s surgery or they must be taken to the Accident & Emergency department of the local hospital.

You will find many web pages on the Internet that provide specific information if you are worried about a child or young person, here is a useful one to start:

This web page is part of www.nspcc.org.uk Freephone 0808 800 5000 (24 hours)

The NSPCC’s work is focused on ending cruelty to children.  It provides information, advice and a 24 hour Child Protection Helpline for any child or adult worried about a child at risk of neglect, sexual, emotional or physical abuse. NSPCC is also the provider of Childline.