Pod-tastic New Downloads

MyMind podcast launch banner


Our first Podcast is now available.  Check it out by clicking here!

We are so excited! Anytime soon we will have our own MyMind iTunes podcast page!

Building upon the success of the Chillax podcast which we created at the launch of the MyMind Website (available for free download via the MyMind BOX page by clicking here), we decided to increase our range of relaxation and positive thinking tools.

Behind the scenes staff at CWP CAMHS have been hard-at-work, having kindly volunteered to help develop a whole range of recordings, with something suitable for absolutely everyone.  It was all very new to us and extremely exciting, as we got to grips with the technology and just what’s involved in making an audio recording.  But as the podcasts become available, we think you will agree, everyone involved has done a fantastic job.

So whether you are very young, in your teens or even a parent or carer, remember to check back and either listen online or subscribe and download from ‘iTunes’!!!!

Podcast room 101


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