Our Kaleidoscope Group is starting again!

The Wirral CAMHS Kaleidoscope Group

This group is running from 25th April 2012 until 18th July 2012 and is open to all families currently under the care of Wirral CAMHS

Who is it specifically for ?

Wirral parents of children aged 3-10 years.  In particular its for you if your child(ren) are not particularly good at doing what they’re asked and/or who have been frequently aggressive over the previous 6 months or longer.

How we might help

This Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust group helps families manage their children by:

  • Providing parents with the necessary skills and tools to deal with behaviour and conflict situations.
  • Building their confidence and reducing their stress.
  • Helping them to encourage their child’s positive behaviours.
  • Decreasing their negative behaviours.

The programme involves 12 weekly group meetings, each lasting 2 hours and both fathers and mothers are encouraged to attend.

The topics we cover are

  • Play
  • Praise
  • How to set limits and handle serious misbehaviour.

For further information, please speak to your Primary worker in the locality team.


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