West Cheshire CAMHS, West Cheshire & Winsford CAMHS areas Newsletter November 2015

News Bulletin West Cheshire 0-16

Hello!! We thought it might be helpful to send out some useful information as a newsletter to help us connect with our partner agencies. Our biggest news is that some of our young people have recently developed a new passport on self harm which we are piloting (more info below) We also run regular consultation slots for professionals which any professional can access—see dates below.

Why do Young People Self Harm?

  • It is widely accepted that self-harm is the result of profound emotional pain. The injuries can release feelings of self-hatred, anger and injury – with the aim of altering their state of mind.

  • It is a way of communicating distress about feelings that are difficult to cope with and cannot be expressed in any other way.

  • Onset of self-harming behaviour has been linked with the onset of difficult things going on in the young person’s life; unwanted pregnancy, being bullied at school, not getting on with parents, parental divorce, abuse, rape, bereavement or entering care.

Some of our young people in the participation group have developed a young person’s passport to help those they may see in A&E understand what they find most helpful and what is hard for them to say. 

Blue Under 16′s Care Plan

Red Under 16′s Care Plan

Over 16′s Care Plan

 Quote from a young person:  

“ I think that the passport will be a good way for young people to keep their individuality and dignity whilst receiving treatment.”

Top tips for supporting young people who self harm

 Remember, it is a way of communicating distress about feelings that are difficult to cope with and that they cannot express in any other way.

 Please try to understand that the young person may be upset and distressed.

 Do not judge or patronise the young person, try to understand.

 Talk to the young person about confidentiality and plan together for how you might share this information with their parents/carers to keep them safe.

Consultation slots for professionals are held on the following dates at various children’s centres:

  • 23rd Nov 10-1 Portside CC

  • 3rd Dec 1-4 Blacon CC

  • 17th Dec 10-1 Stanlaw abbey CC

*Book a time slot by telephoning 01244 393200*


Contact Westcheshire.camhsteam@cwp.nhs.uk

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