National Anti-Bullying Week 18th-22nd November 2013 – don’t suffer in silence

National Anti-Bullying Week 18th-22nd November 2013

Bullying is something that can hurt you on the inside or on the outside.  It can happen to  children and young people at school, home, by past friends, family/carers, and strangers.

It can hurt you on the outside by hitting or hurting you physically or on the inside by name calling, skitting and hurting your feelings.

Bullying is usually done on purpose. Bullying is not an accident.  If someone hurts you during a game by accident and says sorry, this is not bullying, but if every time you played a game they hurt you, or your feelings, this would be bullying.

Bullying can happen more than once, the bullies do it over and over and over again, and they take away your self esteem and confidence.  This can make you feel sad, angry, isolated and may stop you from doing things that you usually enjoy.

Below are some bully busting top tips

  • tell someone you can trust.  This could be for example, a friend, relative, teacher, youth worker, school nurse.  This may seem like a scary thing to do.  Whether you think the problem is small or big, people will want to help you.  You are not alone
  • stay calm.  Being on the receiving end of a bully can be very frightening.  When bullies see fear, they often enjoy this.  Try not to show them how frightened you are.  You can try to stay calm by taking some deep silent breaths as this helps to relax your mind and body.
  • Don’t blame yourself.  Nobody deserves to be bullied. EVER

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