MySleep is a series of practical online resources that were developed by our Wirral Sleep Service to support families and professionals in encouraging good sleeping habits amongst children.

So, who are we and what do we do?

Wirral Sleep Service is part of Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CWP) Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). Our work has a focus on providing targeted interventions to children and young people with specific learning needs.

MySleep provides an opportunity for us to share information and advice from our specialist team.  After all, as parents and carers, teaching good sleeping habits to our children can prove a challenge to us all!

MySleep resources

Below is a short outline of  the resources you can find within MySleep, together with a brief description about how you might find them useful.  Simply click on a button to download the pdf file or right click the button and choose ‘save as’ to select where the file is stored.

MySleep Downloads

Download the MySleep GuideDownload the MySleep Diary Download the MySleep Timetable Toolkit Download the MySleep Reward Chart ToolkitDownload the MySleep Max's Bedtime Countdown StoryDownload the MySleep Max Stays in Bed Story

MySleep guide to better understand sleep problems, why they occur and tips for tackling some of common difficulties that families experience.  This comprehensive document contains links to all the other resources and can be stored, shared and printed out for future use.

Sleep diary a helpful chart for recording your child’s sleep habits.  Allowing you to see sleep patterns, notice the affects of different activities and behaviours and develop a bedtime routine that works for your child.

Visual timetables a practical activity that you can use with your child to develop their own visual display of their bedtime routine.  A short guide explains how the timetable works and provides tips on how to get the most from this very fun yet really useful exercise!

Reward charts resources which you can use with your child to help identify target behaviours associated with developing good sleeping habits and rewarding their achievements.  There are two versions of this visual resource: the Star Chart is intended for younger children or where it would be useful to focus upon one target behaviour at a time.  Whilst The Big Star Chart is intended for older children or those focusing upon multiple targets. Again, a short guide has been included containing some tips and tricks!

Social stories fun stories on the themes of ‘going to bed’ and ‘staying in bed’ that you can read to your child to help illustrate and reinforce good sleeping habits.

All files are in PDF Format; if you don’t have a PDF Viewer installed you can download Adobe Reader for free.

We’ve tried to create resources that the whole family can enjoy (and benefit from!); so why not give them a go?

Download the chillax podcast

Tune in and turn off, at the end of the day!

For older young people who may be having difficulty in winding down and switching off at the end of the day, try the Chillax podcast. Chillax’s handy tips can make a real difference in helping you to benefit from a good night’s sleep.

Download the Chillax tip sheet
Download the Chillax podcast