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When you’re going through something difficult, maybe a particularly tough patch of depression, or a stressful time, it can be hard to get out of it. I’ve come up with a way to help make you feel a bit better. Think EPISODE:

liminate Pressure

ush yourself to socialise

magine a happy place

low down

pen up

on’t think negative

nd unnecessary problems.


Eliminate pressure

Putting unnecessary pressure on yourself helps nobody, especially not you. For example, if you have an exam approaching, remind yourself that you can only do your best, don’t set yourself unachievable targets.

Push yourself to socialise

Isolating yourself only gives you more time to dwell on your woes. It may seem difficult to find the right friends, but once you do you’ll enjoy yourself a lot with them. It will lift your mood and occupy your time so you don’t get bored and overthink things.

Imagine a happy place

Think up a whole place in your head, a place of pure happiness. Anytime you feel particularly low, go to this place in your head. Maybe it’s an amusement park, that smells of cotton candy and milkshakes, where you can ride the thrilling rollercoasters as long as you want. Or, perhaps it somewhere more quiet; A cosy cottage in the middle of a magical woodland, a warm fire burning and the scent of apple pies baking in the oven.

Slow down

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Take things one by one. The world wont suddenly stop turning if you don’t manage to tick everything off your to do list. Remind yourself that it’s ok to leave some things until later: Tidy your room after tea, or don’t agree to do favours for everyone, you need “you” time.

Open up

Confide in someone you trust in, perhaps a parent, teacher or therapist. Trapping all of your feelings up and letting them build up isn’t healthy. Talk it out with someone you trust, it’s amazing how something so simple can take such a load off of your shoulders.

Don’t think negative

Don’t think “I should’ve done better on that test, it’s my own fault I didn’t revise enough.” Instead think “I tried my hardest and there’s always next time.” Don’t think “It’s all my fault, I ruined everything with my best friend.” Think “I’m sure that if we talk this out, everything will get better soon.” Try and flip negative thoughts on their head, maybe write them down, then rewrite them in a positive manner, it will help to resolve worries and stresses.

End unnecessary problems

Go through every single stress in your life and decide if you really need to worry about it. Somethings can wait, decide which things those are and let them wait. Sort out the bigger problems first, the smaller ones can wait, maybe you’ll realise they don’t need to be worried about at all. Also, don’t take on other people’s problems, you have to take care of your own monkeys, if you took on everyone’s you’d be overwhelmed and you’d probably end up ignoring your own monkeys. You wouldn’t be a very good monkey keeper would you?! (That’s something my therapist taught me, the monkey analogy always helps me understand this.)

I hope that this little acronym will help you to get yourself through things. Good luck !

By Amy D

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