#MyMindMyStory : Social Media and Me

I think ever since my depression started, social media has been around to influence me- one way or another.

No matter what platform I was on, it felt like it always seemed to find me.

Admittedly, when everything first started it made me think that it was okay, that it was ‘normal’ and, as a 10 year old, you could say that I was pretty impressionable.

From images, to quotes, to song lyrics, it was all there and just added to the dark thoughts and feelings already in my head. I honestly thought that what I was doing was okay and that self-harm was just “one of those things” but as I saw more and more clean wrists in real life and the expressions of those who noticed, I realised that it wasn’t.

Years later, now 15 and having dipped from feeling completely hopeless to finally feeling happy, and then going through hell and back, I realised just how large of a role social media plays.

Only in the past few months have I had the courage to delete all of those pictures, unfollow those pages and stop searching for those things.

Alternatively, I decided to start following things that give out positive vibes – however cheesy it may be. Surprisingly, they’re more helpful than you may think.

Not being surrounded by constant negativity and having positivity popping up regularly has made such a drastic change, and I can only wish that I’d done it sooner.

Of course there are good days and bad ones too, but just a little positivity can do wonders if you let it.


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