@Mymindfeed ‘s 4D Toolkit has arrived !

The 4D Toolkit is a fantastic new resource developed to support young people currently or previously involved in CWP CAMHS’ 4D DBT skills programme or receiving Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) treatment from CWP CAMHS.

See 4d Be 4dDesigned with young people for young people, the toolkit contains 20 visual prompt cards that act as ongoing reminders of the programme’s core learning outcomes. Each card has a unique QR code that links to a page in this section of the MyMind website.  The resource has podcasts, web pages and downloadable activities.

DBT combines two different positions of ‘acceptance’ and ‘change’ to help you manage Creative Consultation Workshopthe experiences that you find difficult to cope with.  These different positions both contain their own two skill sets to help you master a dialectical approach.

DBT can be very helpful if you find that sometimes you experience lots of emotion very quickly and you find it hard to calm down afterwards; or it can also be really useful if you find it hard to make sense of your emotions.

Find out more about 4D Toolkit and DBT on the 4D Pages on Mymind.org.uk  or contact the team on 4dtoolkit@mymind.org.uk






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