‘Mind climbing’ and ‘hidden treasure’ – Adcote’s innovative approach!


Giovanna Moretto, clinical psychologist, joined the Adcote Education Assessment Unit in January 2012.  She currently works with young people on a one to one basis and has also begun to pilot a new programme to develop students’ attention or memory skills.

The programme uses an innovative and individualised approach aimed at developing  students’ skills such as attention or memory, where these have been shown to be a problem for them in formal testing.  There are two programmes which have been designed to meet the needs of  different age groups, who attend the Adcote Education Assessment Unit.

Juniors are encouraged to take a personal journey to discover the ‘hidden treasures’ in their mind.

Seniors plan an expedition; ‘climbing a mountain’, to challenge themselves to develop their strengths (without leaving the classroom at Adcote).


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