Max investigates ………World Mental Health Day

Hi Max here!

I am the roving reporter for CAMHS and LD CAMHS.  A few months ago I told you all about how to let us know what you felt about CAMHS and LD CAMHS.  

Today I am reporting back on an event called “World Mental Health Day”; an event that happens every year and helps us understand mental health problems. It gives everyone the chance to talk about how we can help people with mental health difficulties.

Last year World Mental Health Day was on the 10th October. CWP CAMHS arranged a big event at The Lauries Centre in Birkenhead.  Lots of people were invited to the day including staff, doctors, nurses, teachers and social workers and, most importantly, young people who use the services.  CWP CAMHS decided to showcase how children and young people are involved in developing and improving the services they offer.

What was really good about the day was that all the presentations were given by children and young people who have experience of CAMHS.  The presentations were really fun and told me lots of information about some of the new things that CAMHS are doing. It was really good to hear how young people are involved in service development.

 Max now knows all about World Mental Health Day.

Come back soon and see my next CAMHS report or perhaps look at some of my reports on YouTube

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