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How to share your views and feelings about CAMHS

Hi!  Max here!

I am the roving reporter for CAMHS and LD CAMHS.  Over the next few months, I am going out and about in the teams asking questions and reporting back to you.   If there is anything you want to know, why not contact me through the website.  I will investigate for you and report back, so keep coming back to the website to see what I have found out.



This month I have been investigating how to tell CAMHS and LD CAMHS what you think about them.

I asked my CAMHS worker whether they wanted to know:

  • “What I like about coming to CAMHS”

  • “What could be better about coming to CAMHS”

  • “What has really helped me at CAMHS”

My CAMHS worker said they would love to hear what I had to say, she said:

  • “You can tell me now”

  • “You can write it on the card in the waiting room and put it into the CAMHS comments box”

  • “You could speak to your parents/carers and they could tell us”

  • “You can contact PALS (Patient Advisory Liaison Service) it is their job to listen to your views and make sure they try to sort them out” – Telephone no: 0800 195 4462

  • “You can contact your CAMHS Participation Worker via PALS who will support you”

Max was really pleased that he had asked these questions and was happy with the answers.  He was also happy that he now knew if ever he had a problem or question, he only had to ask.

Max now knows what to do to share his views and feelings.

Come back soon and see my next CAMHS report or perhaps look at some of my reports on YouTube

Signing off for now,


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