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Sleep hygiene

Developing good sleep hygiene together


Some of the parents and carers we work with at LD CAMHS find it helpful for us to share useful information to make their lives a little easier. 

We thought that posting this information on our website would be the best way of sharing this information.

Top tips for developing good sleep hygiene

  • Make sure that the child’s room is quiet and dark.
  • Wake the child at a regular hour each morning, so that the circadian cycle is strengthened.
  • Keep a regular bedtime for the child.
  • Keep room temperature to a comfortable level.  High temperatures disturb sleep.
  • Environmental noise should be kept to a minimum (no loud TVs).
  • Make sure that the child does not go to bed hungry, but do not give a child over 6 months old feeds/drinks during the night.
  • Help the child to learn to fall asleep alone in his/her bed, without your presence.
  • Avoid stimulating activity in the hour before bedtime.
  • Do not let the child have prolonged naps in the late afternoon.  If the child still needs to sleep, schedule the nap for early afternoon.
  • Avoid drinks of cola, chocolate, tea and coffee i.e. caffeine and additives, before bedtime, instead have a warm milk drink.


  • Changes to the sleeping environment can improve sleep.
  • A before-sleep routine can help trigger our sleep mechanism.
  • Associations help synchronize internal biological rhythms to the environment (important for children with Learning Disability and Autism Spectrum Condition who can often have difficulties with the concept of time).
  • Darkness helps tell our body to decrease alertness and increases production of melatonin to aid sleep.


  • Children more likely to fall asleep where there is a routine.
  • Routines need to work for the family to be effective so discussion of interventions vital.
  • There is no magic cure.   Success requires commitment, time, patience and persistence.
  • Families need to be supported to achieve
  • Outcome measurement


 If you are interested or want to know more about our LD CAMHS services across Cheshire please contact:
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