Kidstime in Wirral

Kidstime is a joint project run by CWP Adult Mental Health Service (AMHS), CAMHS and Wirral Youth Services and is based at Wirral Youth Theatre.

It is an intervention for vulnerable families where one or both parents experience mental illness.  There are regular monthly meetings for parents and children where parental mental illness is explained in simple terms to children and parents.

In the sessions there are separate children and adult groups, a joint meal (pizza), followed by a  joint discussion. The children’s group takes the form of developing a drama, which is filmed then shown to the adults.

The aims of the workshop:

  • to open up discussion
  • increase understanding of parental mental illness
  • increase resilience in children impacted by parental mental illness

Kidstime in Wirral will be delivering a creative workshop; “The Big Picture” on Saturday 16th November in collaboration with a creative agency, developing a booklet about the project as part of a new online learning pack available through

If you are a Kidstime family and would like to find out more about the workshop click here.

To find out more about Kidstime please click here.

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