It’s your time to shine

A Mindfulness Workshop was held on Wednesday 26th August at Wirral CAMHS.  Every young person that attended one of the three ‘Time to Shine’ Mindfulness groups from November 2014 to June 2015 was invited to attend.  The group was facilitated by Colette Miller CAMHS therapist & co facilitated by Alison Gibbins.  Alastair Pipkin & Stephanie Mc Ginley also supported some group sessions.

The day consisted of gaining feedback through a focus group. We asked the young people the following questions:

  • What makes a good mindfulness session?
  • What makes a good facilitator
  • What was helpful/unhelpful in handouts and Home Goal Tasks?
  • What makes a good group?
  • What do we do well?
  • What could we do better?
  • Do you still use Mindfulness?
  • What would you like a future Mindfulness group to look like?

We engaged in various Mindfulness practices chosen by the young people to remind them of the skills they have learnt and what helps them at times of distress.

The Mindful Tree

This activity encouraged feedback from young people;  finding out what works and how they would like future groups to look will provide the basis for future groups .

The feedback is displayed in the form of leaves on ‘a mindful tree’ in the reception of Ashton House. We asked the following questions?

What was your presenting issue?  

What skill have you learnt through Mindfulness?  

How are you feeling after completion of the group?  



Each person left with a Little Mindfulness Kit’ box that they can access when they are distressed this will remind them of the skills they have learnt.

Little Mindfulness Kit

A Smile:  to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

A Star: it shines the brightest when my skies are at their darkest or when I feel anxious.

A Butterfly: so you can let your worries fly away and let go of the past.

A Heart: because you are LOVED so much.

A Thank you: for being unique and you.

A Feather: to tickle your funny bone when you’re feeling blue.

A Peg: to hold things together.

An Elastic Band: when you feel stretched to your limits, you can bounce back.

Young People’s Story

Two young people have agreed to share ‘their story’ detailing the difficulties they have had and their experience of the mindfulness group.

Peer Facilitators

We are planning to work with young people to train them to be co-facilitators in delivering a mindfulness group. This will bring many benefits including speaking to young people that come through the door and share their experiences and help to make them feel at ease.

The Future

As part of Tier Two provision the Mindfulness Group will continue to be offered. The date of the next group is currently being discussed. We are meeting to look at all the feedback we have gained to ensure we can facilitate this into future groups, and have young people’s wishes at the heart of what we do.

 Colette Miller CAMHS Therapist


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