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During the past few months, the young people at Adcote Health & Education Assessment Unit have been busy taking part in various involvement activities as a way of improving access and ensuring our literature and the environment at Adcote is Young Person friendly. Here are some of the activities our Young People have been involved in:

 Young Person friendly ‘Welcome Letters’

A focus group of secondary and primary young people was set up to explore the idea of a Young Person friendly ‘welcome letter’ that could be sent out to prospective young people, prior to their placement. The young people felt a welcome letter about Adcote was a great idea, and had clear ideas about what content would be beneficial for young people. Discussions around design were also productive, with the young people having thoughtful ideas around the use of colour, images and layout.  The second session was an opportunity for the young people to review various designs based on their ideas from the first session and to choose a final design. The Primary and Secondary ‘welcome letters’ are now being sent to young people along with the parents and/ or carers letters, prior to their placement.

Journey books

At Adcote, all our young people on placement complete a ‘Journey Book’ as a way of exploring their thoughts and feelings about coming to Adcote, their goals for the placement and a space to reflect on their time here at the end of their placement. There is also a diary section for the young people to write down any experiences at Adcote they wish to remember in the future. The ‘Journey Book’ belongs to the young person and they can personalise its cover page with images they feel represent them. The Young People take their completed ‘Journey Book’ home with them when they finish at Adcote. Our current Primary Journey book has a Pirate theme, with fun images of treasure maps, ships and parrots decorating its pages. To obtain feedback regarding the Journey books, a primary class focus group was set up. The young people reported they enjoyed using the Journey books and liked the pirate theme, but would like to have a choice of two themes. There was a unanimous vote that a new theme should be pets, as they felt both boys and girls like animals. The focus group provided ideas about the type of pets, colour scheme and layout of the Journey Book.  The ‘Primary Pets Journey Book’ is now being used in the Primary classroom.

Digby the dog at Adcote

Following his assessment, Digby is now an official ‘Pets as Therapy’ (PAT) Dog. He attended the unit for his first official visit last week. The Young People enjoyed spending time with him and asked Elaine lots of questions about his personality and how she looks after him. The young people also shared stories about their own pets. The Primary class have also created a Digby display board in the classroom to display their creative writing pieces about Digby’s visits. To hear more about Digby, follow us on twitter @mymindfeed @Becki_Moon and on our CWP CAMHS website







Young Person Friendly Psychometric Reports

As part of ongoing involvement work, Adcote have developed ‘Young Person friendly Psychometric Reports’ following a focus group with the Secondary class, who reported they would like personalised feedback after completing Psychometric Testing whilst on placement. The reports are addressed to the Young Person or Parent/Carer and include simplified explanations of each assessment and their results. Helpful tables also provide useful strategies for both parents/carers, teachers and Young People to utilise, based on their results. Our Young people provided feedback on terminology and images they feel would be useful. The Adcote Team will continue to gather feedback from Young People who receive the reports.

Bird Watching Artwork

The Primary class have created beautiful Bird artwork to go on display in the corridor of Adcote to demonstrate to visitors how they are keen birdwatchers; following a fundraising day to buy a bird feeder for the Adcote Garden. The Artwork also brightens up the area and highlights the talents of our young people.

Adcote Notice Board

The Adcote notice board in reception has now been updated and includes pictures of our classrooms, the Adcote Staff team and displays the Young Peoples involvement work going on at Adcote. The notice board also includes any news about Adcote that  may be of interest to Parents/ Carers, Young People, CAMHS staff and external visitors. This month’s involvement work on display is the Young People friendly ‘Welcome Letters’ created by our young people. This month’s news on display is Digby, Elaine’s dog, passed his assessment to become our Pets as Therapy (PAT) Dog.

By Rebecca Moon

Assistant Psychologist at Adcote

Wirral CAMHS.

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