How Mymind is using social media to help young people to access CAMHS

In the summer of 2014 OFCOM  released their latest statics about young people and social media.

Ofcom’s report highlighted that:

Young people aged 12- 15 spend 36 per cent of their media time on social media – this is double the rate of adults !

60 per cent  of young people aged 6 -15 years old use a tablet and 75 per cent say they wouldn’t know what to do without technology. 26 per cent of young people’s time using the media is spent using social media.

74 per cent of young adults aged 16- 24 use a social network and 60 per cent get their news online – three times the amount of other adults.

It is important that any organisation that works with children and young people uses social media in order engage meaningfully to avoid becoming patronising or out of date.

CWP CAMHS’  website and twitter @mymindfeed  uses social media and online resources to engage young people in their experiences of CAMHS.

The Box link button

Children, young people and families were involved in the development and design of and many of the resources (including podcasts) that are available to download via ‘The Box’ and ‘The Box +‘.  Young people have created animation and produced their own short films which can be viewed from Mymindfeed’s very own You Tube Channel.

Yet, it doesn’t stop there – CWP CAMHS is soon to launch additional resources to support young people who attend our DBT groups.  These will help to develop skills between sessions and can be accessed via QR codes through smart phones so will be totally portable.

Next Step, CWP CAMHS’ Goal Based Outcome Resource will soon have its own website .  We have a Young Person on our mymind steering group and  young people’s blogs are becoming a regular feature on our website.

@mymindfeed ‘s twitter team has expanded to include the CWP CAMHS’ participation workers from East and Central Cheshire, West Cheshire, Wirral and tier 4 – this has meant that tweets are in ‘real time’.  Our ‘followers’ on twitter have increased from 238 in Summer 2013 to over 850 – an amazing achievement in such a short space of time.  2014 has been an exceptional year for the Mymind team. We have been highly commended in both the Positive Practice in MH Awards ( Innovation in CAMHS) and the HSJ Awards (Innovation in Mental Health) and short listed for 2014 INetwork Innovation Awards (results to be announced later this week).  I am convinced that we will continue to be innovative, involving children and young people in the decisions that need to be made about the future of CWP CAMHS.

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