Hawthorn Centre’s “lick of paint” – Eve’s story

Where are you most comfortable?

               a) in a homely environment with pictures of places you dream to go on the walls

               b) an industrial building with fluorescent hospital lighting, brown doors, ridiculously loud clocks and walls of what seems to be a faded being (no one can know for sure)

If you answered A (if you didn’t answer a…WHY?!) I’m sure you’re just as delighted as I am that the Hawthorn Centre is getting the TLC it deserves. The plan is that by the end of March the Hawthorn Centre will be a sanctuary for people like me, my family a few of my friends and many others. I truly think that the change in scenery will help to allow people to gain even more trust in the amazing staff and centre itself, in turn helping people to get the help they need.

I’ve been selected along with a few others to help with some of the design process and feel so happy that I was and that my input has actually been taken in and not overlooked. It’s been so lovely to be a part of the whole process so far! The staff at the Hawthorn Centre have been so amazing to me within the project and we have had a lot of fun along the way. I can’t wait to see the finished building and see all the features that have been discussed.

Beforehand I never even knew the Hawthorn Centre had toilets and I don’t even want to consider the dreaded long walk down the corridor to the waiting area. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I walked in on my first visit and thought “sweet lord what have I gotten myself into this looks like something of a 1990′s horror show” it’s just that the layout didn’t settle my nerves any on an already difficult day.


But the new plan is that the waiting area will be closer by to the entrance, as well as bigger so you’re not stuck staring into a stranger who’s less from a metre away eyes like something from the wild west for a good 2 minutes before one of you, unable to bare the awkwardness backs down and goes to change the music (I’m not saying this has ever happened to me or anything).

Whoever made this decision, thank you!


Anyway, enough about my horrendous social etiquette, being asked to do this blog post to go on the mymind site is a real honour and just wanted to thank everyone at CAMHS again for everything.


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