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The Columbia Team (a specialist CAMH Service covering the Wirral) recently took time out to invite service users to a special planning day.  The event was a real success and great fun, with everyone having chance to have their say on the things that are important to them, helping shape the direction they would like to see us take in the future.

Everyone worked extremely hard and created a huge number of fantastic and creative ideas that we are already starting to make real.  Chief amongst these ideas was how we continue to involve and listen to young people, so that they can carry on improving and directing what we do.

The first idea was to create a ‘steering’ group of young people, who meet to talk about and suggest the things that they would like to see happen.  However, the young people at the planning event felt that having a steering group had drawbacks and would be hard to keep going.  What they suggested instead was that we find a way to make use of the MyMind website, which they felt offers a great way to involve lots of people in a manner that is really easy to access.  Their idea was to develop an online survey for the site, to collect ideas and feedback the results.

To make this suggestion really fair though, they wanted to first ask whether you agree with this idea.

Below is our 10 second online questionnaire so that you can vote on what you think should happen.  The survey is about making changes to how the Columbia Team involves young people, but even if you are not working with our team we would still be interested in your ideas as we would like to suggest maybe applying your preferred choice to the whole of CWP CAMHS.

Survey closes in:

After our survey closes, we will post on our website what people said and what we hope to do next.

This will be available from November.


To find out more about the Columbia Team’s planning day why not download our fab summary report detailing everything we talked about.

Click the icon to download the PDF file.


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