Four legged mindfulness … a story

Pip on the beach

So here’s a story about mindfulness, bear with me and try to read it mindfully, that is to say, without judgement.

I have a fluff-ball of a dog called Pip.  In her ‘dog world’ she is generally happy.  She mostly likes to do dog things like eating and sleeping, but that’s for another story.

In terms of dog happiness, I would have to say that going for a walk is Pip’s absolutely favourite thing to do.  Going for a walk takes Pip to a completely different level, a completely new and different world!

We go for walks together in all types of weather; muddy, rainy walks in the woods; cold winter walks on the wind swept beach; and bouncing through the bright green grass walks in spring time.  It doesn’t really matter to Pip where we walk, she would be happy to walk anywhere.  And that’s the difference between Pip and me (apart from the obvious – Pip’s a dog and I’m a human -duh!).  For me, walking without Pip is a disaster; I need to have somewhere to go to, a destination, a reason.  For Pip, walking is the point, the purpose.  It’s like she’s arrived at her destination the moment we start to walk.

Pip lives in the moment.  Everything on her journey has her attention for that magical moment. Without Pip it’s too easy for me to miss things, like the vivid yellow of the daffodils bursting into bloom or the feel of the cool rain on my face.  When taken for a walk, Pip acts like she’s never been out before, as if everything around her is completely new, and it is.

When you free yourself from worries about what you ‘should’ be doing and allow yourself the simplicity of ‘just being’ (like just ‘walking’) you allow yourself to be like Pip and be in the moment.

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