Film based on the Stress Vulnerability approach to mental health is launched

Following on from a previous post; Wirral CAMHS, Wirral Early Intervention Team and The Open Door Centre have collaborated to produce a short film exploring mental health in young people. A group of 10 young people who have accessed services were recruited to create the film.

Weekly development sessions were held over 6 months, which involved the young people designing and recording the film. The group were able to bounce their ideas off of each other and representatives from each of the services involved. They used their creativity to develop logos, scripts and even promotional materials for the film. After creating a treatment document for the film, ‘FreakBeat Films’, a production company from Liverpool, were recruited to help with the production and editing.

Our young people were keen for the film to portray a Stress Vulnerability approach to mental health to demonstrate how common and understandable the experience of mental health difficulties can be in light of ongoing stresses. They decided to tell the stories of three characters, which are based on real examples of stressors and coping strategies. It is hoped that this narrative for-young-people-by-young-people will be relatable and de-stigmatising.

On being involved in the project, some of our young people said:

“It has improved my confidence and I’ve learned a lot more about mental health”

I’ve made friends and it has helped me see how far I’ve come”

A launch event for the film was held in Café Tabac in Liverpool in May to celebrate the success of the project. It has since been delivered to local schools as part of Mental Health Awareness workshops with very positive feedback. One student said that the film makes mental health seem “more normal”.

The film can be viewed on Youtube  and will be continued to be shown in schools in Wirral over the coming academic year. We would like to thank all of our young people again for their hard work on creating it!

Alastair Pipkin

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