East Cheshire CAMHS Young Advisors Update


Our CWP East Cheshire CAMHS Young Advisors were launched on the 6th November last year and since that time have proved a huge success.  Their new skills, which they gained during the three days training, have already begun to help with some key CAMHS projects in East including the Emotionally Healthy Schools Programme and the A&E/GP training programme.  However, in addition to this, they have also been commissioned by partner agencies and the Young Advisors national charity and are involved in over sixteen key pieces of work over the next few months.

These include:

  • Working with Crewe Town Council to help them understand what young people living in Crewe feel about the town and how it could be improved from a young person’s persepctive.
  • Working with East Cheshire Local Safeguarding Board to evaluate their website and suggest changes that would make it more accessible to young people.
  • Being part of the commissioning process for East Cheshire’s sexual health services.

We could never have imagined our Young Advisors would be so successful so quickly and are imensely proud of the work they are doing.  If you would like to find out more please contact Claire Evans, Young Advisors Lead on claire.evans@cwp.nhs.uk

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