Development of new LD CAMHS transition protocol

Have you been involved with LD CAMHS? Have you experienced transitioning from one service to another? Even if you haven’t, we would like to involve you in taking an active part in the development of a new Transition Protocol.  This will ensure that this new protocol meets the needs of our service users, your children.

The aim of the protocol is to ensure a smooth passage for your children when they transition between LD CAMHS into adult LD services within CWP. The protocol will clearly identify procedures that should be followed during transition and clarify both professional and service responsibility and accountability.

If you are interested in helping us and would like to get involved in the above project please contact either:

Claire Evans or Stephanie Keith, East & West Cheshire Participation Workers on 01270 253841 or request a call back through the website (to request a call back, please click here)

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