Christmas is nearly here!

Christmas can be an exciting time, but for some children with learning disabilities, who thrive on routine and predictability, the festive season can trigger disruption and an increase in challenging behaviour.

Top Tips for Parents

  • ‘PLAN’ the school holidays, especially Christmas Day, in advance.
  • ‘THINK’ about how you were able to manage stressful situations in the past and how you could use these strategies again.
  • ‘PREPARE’ your child for any changes.
  • ‘PROMPTS’ and reminders such as verbal prompts; symbols, pictures or photographs; objects of reference, or social stories can be really useful tools.
  • ‘NOTICE’ comment on and praise your child’s postitive behaviour, focusing on the specifics
  • ‘CONSISTENCY’; make sure everyone in the family knows YOUR plans and can respond in the same way
  • ‘ACTION PLAN’; have a “Plan B” in place if the day does not go as expected


When it’s all over, take a deep breath and celebrate your family’s achievements !!

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