Children’s commissioner’s takeover day – 2013



Last year 6 young people from Cheshire CAMHS were involved in #takeoverday 2012.  They are pictured above meeting David Eva, Chairman and Sheena Cumiskey, Chief Executive of CWP.

This year #takeoverday is  bigger and better; with young people from both Cheshire and Wirral CAMHS and Pine Lodge, CWP CAMHS’ inpatient service taking part.

In the morning of #takeoverday, young people will meet their local CAMHS teams, or join forces with other local professionals to find out about their roles and the impact on CAMHS. In the afternoon the young people will visit CWP’s Trust Board to:

  • meet with CWP’s senior mangers and find out more about their roles. 
  • chair a meeting with the mangers.
  • raise key issues about mental health and the support young people receive.

Watch this space for feedback from #takeoverday (including photographs).

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