Care Wash Pack Campaign


This year CWP ran a Christmas Charity Campaign, the ‘Care Wash Pack Campaign’, aimed to help the local homeless community.  Staff across the Trust were asked to donate items and bags that could be used to make up a full wash bag which could be distributed in time for Christmas.

Avril Devaney (CWP director of nursing, therapies and patient partnership and Robert Blisset (ceo Chester Aid)

Teams from all over the trust donated wash packs and our porters collected the items and brought them to the Trust headquarters at Redesmere to be sorted and packed.

 At Wirral CAMHS, I set up a drop off point for CAMHS staff to make donations at Adcote House.  I also wrote to local businesses asking for them to support our campaign, and we received generous donations from Unilever, Tesco in Bidston and Morrison’s in West Kirby.  

Pamela Taylor and a team of CWP staff packed all morning and I joined later in the afternoon, with all the donations from the local business I had contacted in tow! Pam and I had great fun packing the wash bags, knowing that these donations would be greatly appreciated.

Linda Malone and Ray Hellon (Wirral Ark Project) and Rebecca Moon (assistant psycholgist-Wirral CAMHS)

Overall, there were around 205 full wash bags made up and ready to be delivered. Members of the Board of Directors, including; Avril Devany (director of nursing, therapies and patient partnership), David Eva (chairman) and Tim Welsh (director of finance), along with CWP staff members, delivered the wash bags to 7 Charities across the Trust including, The Phoenix Centre and Tree House Project in Macclesfield, Chester aid to the Homeless in Chester and the Wirral YMCA and the Wirral Ark Project in Wirral.

I went along to the Wirral YMCA and the Wirral Ark Project to meet the teams on the delivery day to find out how our campaign will directly benefit their service users. The teams were absolutely delighted and were very grateful to the CWP staff and the local business who donated items, and discussed their plans to hand out these wash bags on Christmas day during the celebrations over Christmas Dinner and mince pies.

Wirral YMCA and staff from CWP

Everyone involved in this campaign has felt it has been a fantastic cause and we are hoping to make it even bigger and better next year.



By Rebecca Moon (assistant psychologist- Wirral CAMHS)

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