CAMHS “Crew” – What really happened in Doncaster!

Hi, we are the CAMHS “Crew” and we spent a day in Doncaster to find out how to involve young people in the development of  a new service called Children and Young People’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, (CYP IAPT).

So who are the CAMHS “Crew”?

We are a group of young people from Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CWP) who are passionate about improving mental health services for children and young adults. We work with the participation development worker, Claire Evans, meeting up regularly to discuss our experience of the CAMHS service and how we feel it could be changed for the better.  A little while ago the group were asked to get involved with CWP’s bid to provide CYP IAPT in our area.  As a result, six of us (and Claire) planned a trip to a participation event in Doncaster.

So what happened on the day?

It was an early start with some of us travelling by train and some by mini-bus.  We all met at the venue and got ready for the day.  First of all we were told what to expect and then Bill Badham from ‘Practical Participation’, talked to us about why we should do things in life :

           Because we have to

           Because we want to

           Because we need to

This generated lots of conversation and personal views about why people should involve young people in decisions and in the development of CYP IAPT.

Next a group of young people from a group called SASH (Support Against Self Harm) gave a presentation on a self harm support group they had set up.  They were representing their CAMHS service which is part of Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust.  They showed a short animation which they had made to explain their individual stories.  It was really refreshing to hear how much the group had helped them and it has inspired us to look into doing something similar. 

There were a number of different workshops about how to effectively involve young people in things like recruitment and selection, safeguarding, staff training, advocacy and complaints.

A couple of us were interviewed about how we have worked with CWP CAMHS over the last year. 

As a group we think we have learnt valuable skills which will enable us to make a difference in the development of the CYP IAPT service and are looking forward to being part of the steering group which will ensure our voices are heard.

So what really happened in Doncaster?  OUR VOICES WERE HEARD!!!

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