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Over the last 12 months the Columbia Team have developed a number of resources following the “Columbia Connected” event which took place last year.  Young people, parents and referrers took part in a planning day which has led to a number of helpful resources which we are very proud to share with you.

To find out more about the Columbia Team’s planning day why not download our fab summary report detailing everything we talked about.

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Ben, 11 years, suggested that we developed a ‘Book-a-Leaf’.  This was information halfway between a leaflet and a booklet.  Ben wanted young people who were coming to the service to have more information about who might the young person see?  What type of questions may be asked?  Could we ensure there was information for adults and information for children or young people, in order for them to prepare for coming to CAMHS and also to ensure consent was obtained?

Over the last 12 months a number of resources have been developed that in someway address Ben’s ‘Book-a-Leaf’ idea.  Ben wanted to show children, young people and parents/carers how to find the information within www.mymind.org.uk.

For information about what may happen when you come to CAMHS have a look at the 5-12 section, where you will meet Max who will tell you all about this.  Or ‘Life is a Journey’ animation in the 13-19 section.  All of this information has been developed by children and young people who have been in CAMHS.

Ben said it can be quite difficult to set goals, but the staff in CAMHS can help with this using the ‘Next Step’ cards.  These have also been developed by children and young people and help to keep the focus on you without you being in the spotlight.

>>>>>>>Why not check out the Next Step cards here.<<<<<<<

Ben thinks the above have transformed his ‘Book-a-Leaf’ idea; to move away from leaflets and use the internet as a resource.  Ben says “the Next Step cards could help you get to your goal; they are useful for young people with ADHD to keep attention because they are bright and colourful”.

The Columbia Team would like to thank Ben for his time, ideas and commitment in helping us shape our service.

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