Back to school …

Everyone feels differently about going back to school, or starting a new school.  Some of you might feel happy and excited; and some of you might feel anxious and worried.

Wirral Involvement Schools Council is a group where students with disabilities, Special Educational Needs (SEN) or Behavioural Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD), can get together and get involved in things that affect them.

Year 9/10 students at Meadowside School, Joseph Paxton Campus, The Observatory and University Academy Birkenhead, discussed what they worried about when they moved schools and what sort of things helped them to overcome these worries.  They have been kind enough to share these with us, in their own words, in the hope that it may help others.

Look at the speech bubbles below and see if there is one that describes how you are feeling about going back to school.


If YOU have worries about going back to school, you can speak to your parents or carers, your school’s learning mentor, a member of staff you trust, or your CAMHS worker.

Or, you can contact WIRED (Wirral Information Resource for Equality and Diversity Ltd) to speak to: Laura Towey, children’s advocate on 0844 880 1500.

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