Anti Bullying Week at the YPC

Anti bullying Week 2014 was on the 17th to 21st November with the theme ‘let’s stop bullying for all’,  Anti bullying Week 2014  focused on children and young people who have a disability and/or special educational needs who are bullied at school. 

At the YPC some of our activities and therapeutic groups focused on the anti bullying theme.

  • Amy, the young person’s substance misuse worker ran a group on the dangers of being coerced into drinking and drug taking
  • Eamonn, from the Wirral Recovery College continued his weekly course on confidence building and how to improve  self-esteem and stand up to bullies.
  • A new therapeutic art group also started last week.

Art making offers a means of distress tolerance for the young people, allowing us to step away from thoughts and feelings which may be causing difficulty. We wish to utilize this process to focus initially on issues of identity; to encourage our young people to think, and hopefully feel more positively about themselves and their position in Pine Lodge, School, family & the world. Through group art making issues can be explored in a safe and containing environment where communication is supported with meaningful visual materials.

Plus we are taking part in completing the Bullying Uk national bullying survey


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