Adcote Social Skills Workshop

Over the October half term, young people came to the Adcote House Social Skills/Self-Esteem group, led by Barbara Brunton (Adcote team leader). Rachel Malone, Rebecca Moon and Elaine Roy from the Adcote Unit joined the two groups to support the young people.

Art work created by the young people

The Primary group focused on self-esteem; what it means, and why it is important.  Craft activities young people could choose from at the workshop included; making Badges, key rings, magnets, masks, door hangers and bookmarks. The self-esteem based games, the hamster game (not a real hamster!)  and the wool game, helped the young people to identify their skills and talents and also aimed at building their confidence talking in a group. 

The most popular activity of the day was joining into teams of two and competing to make the tallest marshmallow and spaghetti tower. There was some great teamwork and the tallest tower won a prize.

The Secondary group focused on communication skills and self-esteem, and the group utilised crafts and games to reinforce this learning. The optional activities the young people could participate in were; badge making, painting, door hangers and mask making. Fun games were also available to play such as pool, guess who? and air hockey. The staff from the unit worked alongside the young people to support them in their activities, in additional to modelling and praising good communication skills.

All the young people received a certificate for completing the workshop

The two Social Skills groups provided the young people with a small group based setting, supported by staff from the unit, to build young people’s confidence and improve their self-esteem; whilst having fun and being creative! All the young people were given folders to take their worksheets and the crafts they had made during the day home with them. At the end of the workshops, Rachel presented the young people with a certificate for completing the workshop.


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