A dog for the Adcote Health and Education Assessment Unit


We have wanted a dog for the Adcote classrooms for a while but there were a few concerns about the dog’s personality… (if it bites or fouls).

We thought of requesting a Pets As Therapy dog and their volunteer to visit Adcote.  The dogs (and their volunteers) have to complete an assessment process .  Elaine Roy, one of our assistant psychologists, has a dog called Digby who has a very steady temperament and seemed suitable to be assessed to be a Pets As Therapy dog.  Elaine felt that Digby did  exceptionally well at his assessment.

One of the students who had helped with the survey and research about having a dog in the classroom was leaving last week so Digby made a preliminary visit so that she could meet him before she left!

We are hopeful that he will be accepted as a future Pets As Therapy dog and  look forward to more visits from Digby in the New Year!

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