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This is where you can find out about what’s new in CWP CAMHS for children and young people aged 5-12.


Care Wash Pack Campaign

  This year CWP ran a Christmas Charity Campaign, the ‘Care Wash Pack Campaign’, aimed to help the local homeless community.  Staff across the Trust were asked to donate items and bags that could be used to make up a …

A dog for the Adcote Health and Education Assessment Unit

  We have wanted a dog for the Adcote classrooms for a while but there were a few concerns about the dog’s personality… (if it bites or fouls). We thought of requesting a Pets As Therapy dog and their volunteer …

Children In Need

  This post was written by Tayla one of the young people at Pine Lodge: ” On Children In Need Day, all the young people at Pine Lodge were involved in making items and baking cakes to sell to staff …

How Mymind is using social media to help young people to access CAMHS

In the summer of 2014 OFCOM  released their latest statics about young people and social media. Ofcom’s report highlighted that: Young people aged 12- 15 spend 36 per cent of their media time on social media – this is double the rate of adults …

Anti Bullying Week at the YPC

Anti bullying Week 2014 was on the 17th to 21st November with the theme ‘let’s stop bullying for all’,  Anti bullying Week 2014  focused on children and young people who have a disability and/or special educational needs who are bullied at school.  …

East Cheshire CAMHS launch their Young Advisors

        CWP is the first health trust in the country to adopt the Young Advisors social enterprise model to empower young people to influence local decision making and service improvement. 12 young people who access child and …

Studying Mental Health and using it to help others…

As someone currently going through the education system, I know that there is nothing more boring than a teacher standing in front of a PSHE class of 30 droning on about current issues from a presentation that looks and sounds …