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This is where you can find out about what’s new in CWP CAMHS for young people aged 13-19.


We need your help…….

We want to develop some new leaflets that tell you all about CAMHS and what we do We think that it is important that we give you as much information about CAMHS as possible and in a way that you …

Going for goals

  Going for goals Setting goals is one way of giving ourselves a kickstart and making sure we get the things we want in life.  The most successful sports people and business people all know goal setting is vital to …

Learning Disability Awareness Week June 18th- 24th

In Disability Awareness Week 2012, MENCAP is highlighting the need to keep children and young people with a learning disability safe and to: “DON’T STICK IT, STOP IT! “ Did you know that children and young people with a learning …

Countdown to World Mental Health Day!

Every year on 10th October World Mental Health Day is celebrated globally!  The day aims to raise awareness about mental health issues and around the world events are held to promote discussion about mental health and well-being. As part of the …

Pod-tastic New Downloads

**********UPDATE*********** Our first Podcast is now available.  Check it out by clicking here! We are so excited! Anytime soon we will have our own MyMind iTunes podcast page! Building upon the success of the Chillax podcast which we created at the launch …

Wirral DBT Skills Group Update!!

  Attention Wirral DBT group!  The next group begins on:   Wednesday 23rd May 2012 and runs from 1pm to 3pm at the usual venue – Columbia Hall This module is called ‘Walking the Middle Path’ and is for young people who are …

Four legged mindfulness … a story

So here’s a story about mindfulness, bear with me and try to read it mindfully, that is to say, without judgement. I have a fluff-ball of a dog called Pip.  In her ‘dog world’ she is generally happy.  She mostly likes …