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This is where you can find out about what’s new in CWP CAMHS for young people aged 13-19.


CWP work with the Richmond Fellowship to highlight the “5 Ways to Wellbeing”

During the summer holidays Cheshire CAMHS and CWP Inpatient Service at Pine Lodge took part in a project to create five short animations to highlight the “5 Ways to Wellbeing”.    This was a joint project with the Richmond Fellowship and gave young people …

What is self-harm?

The phrase self harm is used to describe a range of things that people do to themselves in a deliberate and sometimes hidden way. It can involve: cutting burning scalding banging or scratching ones’ own body breaking bones hair pulling swallowing …

Cheshire CAMHS – 11 Million Takeover Day – Update

Well it is a few weeks now since we took part in this year’s takeover day event on Friday 23rd November, and we thought we would update you on how the day went. In our last post we explained that six …


   Young people take part in our new recruitment and selection training package On Friday 4th January a group of young people from across Cheshire and Wirral took part in a new CWP CAMHS recruitment and selection training package.  This package has …

New joint CAMHS Team launched in West Cheshire!

In May 2012, West Cheshire 0-16 CAMHS and West Primary CAMHS teams joined up their services to provide a more accessible and seamless service for families and young people.  West Cheshire CAMHS will be holding a ‘launch’ day on 21st March 2013 …

Votes have been counted and verified!

 We recently invited you to take part in a survey following a successful consultation day with our Columbia Team on the Wirral, Get Involved, Get Connected.  The survey was about making changes to how the Columbia Team involves young people, but …

What is tolerance?

Tolerance is: Recognising and respecting the beliefs, opinions, customs and values of others that are different from our own. Accepting diversity and not expressing negative attitudes toward people who are different. Insulting a person, making jokes, or stereotyping them because …